Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dave The Destroyer!

This is the first Illustration of my second semester Sophomore yeah. I had to illustrate a friend so me and Dave got together and decided i should have Dave destroying New York City. Why? Because Dave loves the red sox and hates the yankees. So why not have him destroying new york in style? I put a boston red sox jersey on him and this is what came out. Hope you like it.

Robot Illustration

This was the last illustration of first semester sophomore year. It was just something i had done in my sketchbook awhile back and i thought i would be fun to actually do it. So here it is.

Cat Potatoes

This is from first semester Sophomore year. We had to illustrate a metaphor. I got More than one way to skin a cat. So i did potatoes with cat faces being skinned with multiple tools. I think it turned out well. Tried something out in the background with simple colors as shapes. I believe it came out successful.

Water Colors

I Did this one a while back but i don't think i put it up. But it's batman! and in watercolor!